4.1. What does EXTIF pro.ini offer?


EXTIF pro.ini offers to you the opportunity to adapt and customize the following aspects of the function mode of EXTIF pro printer driver to your individual requirements and desires, if this should be necessary:


(We explicitly point out here that EXTIF pro is fully operational immediately after the installation, without any modification or individual customization of EXTIF pro.ini, and also later on generally requires no further changes or individual adjustments - only experts should modify EXTIF pro.ini and only in case this really seems to be necessary.)




4.1.1. List of Paper Formats


(see also chapter Paper Formats). In practice it can under certain circumstances occur that you:


         want to print on a less usual, or possibly even self-defined paper format, which is not contained in the list of the paper formats, that EXTIF pro supports by default.


         want to print an image file on paper, with dimensions corresponding exactly to the dimensions of the picture (you can query the dimensions of an image file, for instance, in Adobe Photoshop under "Image" / "Image Size" or in Paint Shop pro under "Image" / "Change Size" / "Print Size"), meaning that the paper format has to adapt to a given document size, instead of adapting, as usual, the document size under "File" / "Page Setup" to given paper formats think, for example, of the line breaks depending on the paper format in a text document.


In these cases, simply add the desired formats to the paper format sections.








4.1.2. Imprints on crop margins


EXTIF pro recruits the imprints (register crosses, color wedges and crop marks) from *.bmp files that you can freely select and / or change, by modifying the file name and file path in the Imprint Sections.




4.1.3. Imprint position on crop margins


You can choose the position of each individual imprint on the crop margins independently of the positions of the others imprints, by changing the position indications in the Imprint Sections.


Caution: Whatever settings can be freely chosen, they can also unfortunately be incorrectly chosen, e.g. a wrong path to a *.bmp file, which does not exist at all in there, or a position outside of the paper format; therefore, please read very carefully the provided explanations and always make sure you have a backup copy of EXTIF pro.ini, before applying any changes to it.


After being modified, EXTIF pro.ini must be saved back into the system Driver Path (under Windows 2000, this is usually




and under Windows XP




otherwise the changes are not applied, and thus remain without effect. Besides, EXTIF pro.ini must not be renamed.