4.3. The sections, in detail



4.3.1. Paper Format Sections


Section name: „Paper" + <ordinal number>


Attention: The section with default format "A4 Extra Plus" must not be deleted.
 Ordinal number


The ordinal numbers must begin from 1 and in an uninterrupted succession, as a missing ordinal number would interrupt the series. In the case of an interrupted series, the sequence will be read only up to the interrupting location within the ordinal number series.



If EXTIF pro.ini looks as follows,


















then on EXTIF pro's Property Pages only the paper formats having ordinal numbers from 1 to 4 would be available – as Paper5 is missing - leaving out the ones from 7 to 10. Paper Format name


The length of the paper format name, which you assign to the variable “PaperName”, must not exceed 32 characters. Therefore, a file name like this, for example, could not be used:


PaperName =”Paper format defined particularly for the requirements of customer Miller”
 Imageable Area versus Paper Dimensions


The term "Imageable Area" designates the area of the paper format, without or excluding crop margins, in other words the particular area, which is actually available to the printing PC application (e.g. PowerPoint), while ShortSideLength and LongSideLength designate the area with or including crop margins.


In the above sketch, the crop margins are colored in yellow. The Imageable Area is thus the area within the yellow frame.


Example "A4 Extra Plus":


ShortSideLength =2350                                     // (2100 + 2 * 125)

LongSideLength  =3220                                    // (2970 + 2 * 125)

ImaginableAreaShortSideLength =2100  // regular A4 width

ImaginableAreaLongSideLength  =2970              // regular A4 height


The crop margins, on which the imprints (register crosses, crop marks, gray-scale wedge and color wedge) are situated, thus have a width of 1.25 cm each.


If ShortSideLength is larger than ImaginableAreaShortSideLength and LongSideLength is larger than ImaginableAreaLongSideLength, EXTIF pro automatically adds crop margins with imprints, otherwise it doesn’t. Formats, which fulfill the above mentioned conditions, are accompanied by the suffix "Extra Plus" - but you can also choose any other name. Please make sure, however, to choose the crop margins, i.e. the difference between ShortSideLength and ImaginableAreaShortSideLength, or between LongSideLength and ImaginableAreaLongSideLength, respectively, are wide enough to hold the imprints.


Paper Formats suffixed by "Extra" (without "Plus") on the other hand serve in case you desire to add the imprints on the crop margins by means of programs like "PageMaker" or "QuarkXPress" on your own.


If you add a paper format with the name "XYZ", you do not necessarily need to add a paper format named "XYZ Extra Plus", too.