1.3. Purpose of use: To whom is EXTIF pro useful?


EXTIF pro is mainly used in the printing industry and its’ surrounding fields, e.g. Prepress, Repro and Graphic Design, and also in exposure services, advertising agencies and translation offices working for customers from countries that do not use Latin characters but, for instance, Cyrillic or Chinese symbols.


·         As already mentioned, EXTIF pro provides exposure-ready image file from all programs / applications such as the following:


·         MS Word

·         Internet Explorer

·         PowerPoint

·         Adobe Acrobat

·         Excel

·         Adobe PhotoShop

·         Paintshop Pro

·         Corel Draw

·         Netscape

·         etc., etc...


Among which EXTIF pro proves its performance most accurately when used with MS Office applications.


·         In this process, EXTIF pro converts, if required, the graphical information or image data from RGB color space (Red Green Blue) into CMYK color space (Cyan Magenta Yellow BlacK), i.e. it builds color separations,


·         If required – this feature being internationally unique for a Virtual Printer Driver automatically adds crop margins along with crop marks, register crosses and color wedges (generic term: Imprints). Optionally, EXTIF pro also takes care of the “Trimming Problem.


·         In particular, Graphic Design studios mostly don’t use Windows-PCs, but Apple Mac’s. Since TIFF format is familiar to both types of computers and operating systems, EXTIF pro bridges the gap between the Windows and Mac worlds.


Example: A customer comes to you asking to convert a 300-page MS Word document into book form, but your exposure devices and printing machines operate under Mac. No problem, using EXTIF pro you simply transform the MS Word document into TIFF files and transfer them onto your Mac.



But EXTIF pro is also extremely suitable even when it comes to digital archiving,


·         For instance, when you wish to "freeze" important documents like bills, contracts or quarterly reports (which you send to your customers or co-workers on printed paper), in the form of a “snapshot” for your internal archives – contrary to an unrastered file format, it is almost impossible to unintentionally modify the image file, just as hard as it is to modify a printed sheet of paper, and even doing so deliberately would take an enormous effort.


Such a digital archive does not therefore require a storeroom, paper or printing ink and due to the search functions of Windows Explorer, is significantly more user-friendly and easy to manage.



Further possible modes of application:


·         In the case that you develop software yourself that implements a printing functionality, EXTIF pro can be extremely useful for you by saving expensive color cartridges during testing phase.


·         In case you actually need the graphic image files in


·         less common file formats like *.png


·         or non-loss-freely compressed file formats like *.jpg


Then EXTIF pro will bring you one step nearer to your goal.