Which setting for which purpose?


For instance choose RGB file” when


·         the print result is not meant for printing machines or exposure devices, but – like in case of archiving – for the computer screen or for further processing, for example for converting into a different file format like *.jpg.


·         you intend to subject the image, on your own, to less common or exotic color space transformations.


If you have selected option “RGB file”, the settings of properties “CMYK color profile” and “Gray excerpt” become redundant.


Choose “Separate file for each CMYK channel” for example when:


·         you want to edit individual CMYK channels using an Image Processing Program before exposing it, but the image processing program does not allow this directly in the CMYK file but in separate files for each CMYK channel. Paint Shop Pro 5 is such an image processing program while Photoshop, however, allows the editing of individual channels within one image file.


In all other cases, simply select the “CMYK file” as the default setting.