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Converting documents into PDF automatedly? - PostScope AutoConvert makes it real.

PostScope PDF Dispatch Engine

Create personalized PDF documents from all PC programs and directly send them by eMail

Digital eMail versus analog Fax

Apart from legally valid documents and contracts, today in the age of Internet, documents can be sent considerably more comfortable, economical and also technically less fault-prone by email than by Fax.

Also concerning reproduction quality and processibility, digital documents offer many advantages in comparison to the analog Fax on paper - just think of documents with embedded multicoloured pictures, sharpness of contour lines, the possibility to extract text passages from received documents by copying, or to forward a received document quickly to any arbitrary number of persons, or the effort to maintain the correct sequence of pages while scrolling through the paper salad of a Fax with several tens of pages.

PostScope - Virtual Printer Driver and PDF converter

Worldwide, the Portable Document Format (PDF) has unchallengedly gained acceptance as the standard format for digital documents as such.

Now PostScope PDF Dispatch Engine is a so-called PDF converter, i.e. a software, which turns documents of any arbitrary type, e.g.

  • MS Office types like *.doc, *.ppt, *.xls

  • Internet pages like *.htm und *.html

  • image file types like *.tif, *.bmp, *.jpg

  • etc., etc ...

into PDF.

For this purpose, all you have to do is open the desired document (for example a MS Word *.doc) with the corresponding PC-application (in this case MS Word), and formally print it on printer "PostScope PDF Dispatch Engine" - as PostScope is a so-called Virtual Printer Driver.

That means: When printing any arbitrary document on PostScope, the output is not going to be a printed sheet of paper, but a PDF file, or PostScript file respectively, which can be saved to hard disk and / or send to the addressee directly by email.


PostScope sends the eMail using your Default eMail Program, which you are accustomed to; in most cases that is Outlook Express:


Personalizing documents by stamping your own individual logo

Upon request, PostScope optionally personalizes your documents by stamping your individual logo onto these documents.


Automated conversion into PDF is possible

If you desire to convert documents into PDF automatedly, that means without a human being having to open the document and to trigger the print process, then version PostScope AutoConvert offers you an easy-to-use facility for this purpose.


A licence for PostScope PDF Dispatch Engine costs 16,71 €.

In order to get yourself a company licence (at least 10 work stations), please turn to

Price scaling:

Price per licence
16.71 €
from 3
15.03 €
from 5
13.34 €
from 10
11.66 €


Operating system:

Printer drivers are no programms, but extensions of the operating system. The operating systems, which the PostScope printer driver extends, are

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows Server 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Server 2008

PostScope does not work under any other operating system.


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PDF conversion software is useful in conjunction with PostScope since you can convert PDF to Excel and back if necessary, depending on how you are managing your PDF files. It's also possible to convert PDF to word if that is what you need.