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PostScope AutoConvert

Converting documents into PDF automatedly

Operating PostScope as automated PDF converter

In order to convert documents into PDF automatedly, that means without a human being having to open the document and to trigger the print process, all you need is PostScope AutoConvert and some basic knowledge about programming, no matter which computer language.

Mode of operation: Instructions for programmers

PostScope AutoConvert offers you a programming interface. During its installation, library file PoscInterface.dll is automatically being copied to system directory "System32". PoscInterface.dll exports the function

PCHAR sSrcDoc,
PCHAR sOutputFilename,
HWND hwndTargetWindow );

with which you can - from within your own program - automatically open document sSrcDoc in the PC-application (for example MS Word) corresponding to its file type (for example *.doc), and therein trigger the print process, which finally generates output file sOutputFilename.pdf.

After termination of the print process, PoscInterface.dll by means of calling API function

(WPARAM) GlobalAddAtom( sOutputFilename ),

notifies your application (hwndTargetWindow), that the print process was terminated (MSG_FINISHED) successfully (TRUE), so that your application can react on it - if necessary - by calling API function

GetMessage( ... , MSG_FINISHED, … );

Details about the parameters of function:

PCHAR sSrcDoc,
PCHAR sOutputFilename,
HWND hwndTargetWindow );


  • File name including path and file name extension of the file supposed to be printed, for example C:\My folder\draft contract.doc
  • If NULL, then no print process is triggered.


  • File name including path of the file supposed to be put out, for example C:\My Archive\contract.
  • File name extension ".pdf" is being appended automatically to sOutputFilename.
  • If NULL, then the output file name is generated according to current printer settings.


  • Window handle of the executable file supposed to be notified on termination of print process by calling

    WPARAM wParam,
    LPARAM lParam );


    • #define MSG_FINISHED WM_USER+0x117

    • wParam:
      If sOutputFilename != NULL,
      then (WPARAM) GlobalAddAtom( sOutputFilename ),
      otherwise 0

    • lParam:
      In case of successful termination of print process TRUE,
      otherwise FALSE

After installation, source code templates are available in directories

[Installation path]\DriverLab\PostScope PDF Dispatch Engine\Interface\Delphi
[Installation path]\DriverLab\PostScope PDF Dispatch Engine\Interface\Visual Basic
[Installation path]\DriverLab\PostScope PDF Dispatch Engine\Interface\Visual C++

In these directories there are also executables CallDll.exe, or DllCall.exe respectively, build from these source code templates. Test them in the following way:

  1. Make sure folder "C:\Temp" exists on your computer.

  2. Start one of the 3 executable files, for example [Installation path]\DriverLab\PostScope PDF Dispatch Engine\Interface\Visual Basic\DllCall.exe

  3. Click button "Trigger Print Process" therein, whereupon sample document

    [Installation path]\DriverLab\PostScope PDF Dispatch Engine\Interface\Visual Basic\SourceDoc.doc

    is converted into


    After termination of print process a message box appears, displaying supplement information.

On developing your own application please don´t start your application, which loads PoscInterface.dll, from within the integrated development environment - especially not from within Delphi RAD - but build the exe-file first, and only after that start it by doubleclicking.

Regular version and AutoConvert version

The AutoConvert version of PostScope has other default settings than the regular version, but in principle it can be operated also "manually" like the regular version.

Regular version and AutoConvert version of PostScope are registered by the same registration key, and thus also cost the same.

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