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6/2/09: Sign Making unlimited

Now it is marketable - our driver for the combined thermal printer and cutting plotter made by a japanese manufacturer. This device works with more than 10 different color ribbons, each in mono color mode (Mono Spot Colors). Right after printing, the integrated cutting plotter cuts the signs to their shape. (Not without pride we'd like to point out that there are only a few specialists in the world capable of creating such a software product full of maximum difficulties.)

4/23/09: delivered driver for "secabo C III"

As already before for series C I and C II, DriverLab now also delivers the driver for cutting plotters of series secabo C III.

2/19/09: Knife offset correction for "secabo mini"

Within the process chain between the existing driver of the chinese manufacturer and the Port Monitor, we put a so-called Language Monitor, which corrects the drag knife's offset.

Our customer NEPATA GmbH's vinyl cutters of brand secabo mini can now comfortably be driven from CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand.

1/19/09: Telekom Baltija trusts in Doc2Fax API

Telekom Baltija with headquarter in Riga orders a customized version of our Doc2Fax API with Fax Group 3 output..

12/18/08: Vista's Service Pack 1 shows the difference

Like many others, too, who had purchased a seemingly cheap driver product from countries with low production costs like Vietnam or Russia, Vista's Service Pack 1 also caused a bad awakening for Cytel Software GmbH from Mannheim: After installing the Service Pack, their Made-in-Vietnam Fax driver did not work any longer on Vista - Doc2Fax API filled the gap also in this case.

11/14/08: Intelligent PDF Mailer delivered to Sydney

An "intelligent PDF Mailer", that's how one could call the taylor-made product which DriverLab delivered to australian software forge Adaptis: This virtual printer driver scans the contents of the printed document for eMail-address, subject-line and eMail-body, and then sends the document - without any further user interaction - as PDF attachment per SMTP from a Windows Terminal Server to this eMail-address.

9/25/08: Isotherm-problem solved for PostScript

For our client MeteoConsult BV, Europa's greatest private weather service, we have solved the so-called isotherm-problem regarding printer language PostScript. It is about a mathematical problem from the field of topology.

7/1/08: ASIO Delphi Component created

ASIO (Audio Stream Input/Output) is an audio transfer protocol allowing very low latency times on processing audio signals.

On behalf of a customer from Technical University in Košice (Slovakia), we have now developed a Delphi Component which makes communication with the respective ASIO driver very easy, even for a layperson.

6/20/08: Virtual Audio Driver delivered to Colombia

In collaboration with our californian partner company We Do Drivers, a subsidiary firm of MuThink Inc., we have developed a so-called Virtual Audio Driver meant to be deployed on Windows Server 2003 for the big south-american security technology enterprise SLM Sistemas in Bogota.

6/12/08: New crop feature for iPlott

Especially on large-sized printouts of building plans and construction drawings from AutoCAD it is often desirable to remove the unprinted white margins from the PostScript file already before the actual printing process.

The new "crop white margins" feature implemented in Online Printery "iPlott" takes care of this task now.

4/15/08: New: Company licence for PostScope

Because of the so-called Software Dongle, so far every single computer running PostScope PDF Dispatch Engine needed an individual registration key.

PostScope's new company licence makes things much less circumstantial now: The registration key to the company license is like a general key matching on all computers.

3/21/08: Partnership with MuThink

In future DriverLab SRL and californian software manufacturer MuThink Inc. will collaborate in certain projects, taking mutual benefit from existing synergy effects.

3/14/08: PostScope on CD Práctico

Our PostScope PDF Dispatch Engine is being distributed on CD Práctico, published by Computer Hoy, the most important computer magazine in Spain.

2/28/08: Started pilot project at KCI-Medical

The danish branch office of world-renowned firm KCI-Medical puts PostScope PDF Dispatch Engine to the test in field service: From their vehicles the field service employees mail their reports (in form of PDF) to the head office, where reprocessing takes place.

2/14/08: Fax G3 driver for VoiceMailTel

DriverLab SRL supplies a driver with Fax G3 output to canadian telecommunication enterprise VoiceMailTel Inc. in Toronto.

2/8/08: iPlott Vista completed

New features and improved adaption to Windows Vista characterise the new, developed further version of our software for italian Online Printery "iPlott".

11/27/07: New: Doc2Fax API with Fax Group 3

On multiple demand we are publishing a new, completely revised version of our developer tool Doc2Fax API, which now optionally can also put out TIFF-F / Fax Group 3.

7/9/07: Adapted iPlott to Adobe Creative Suite 3

In the course of the permanent further development of our PostScript printer driver for Online Printery "iPlott", among other things we have adapted the driver to certain news conditions in Adobe Creative Suite 3.

4/20/07: Switch-over to Windows Vista completed

Especially for printer driver programming, Microsoft's new operating system Windows Vista with its User Account Control (UAC), Session 0 Isolation, Registry Virtualization and ban of Kernel Mode Drivers, brought many changes. The required rearrangements in our products are now completed.

12/21/06: PostScope in the Sunshine State

Insurance society Filer Insurance in Miami, Florida, from now on accelerates its office communication with our PostScope PDF Dispatch Engine.

12/15/06: Audio Recorder completed

In the context of our long-standing collaboration with Cytel Software GmbH from Mannheim we have manufactured a software component for this customer, with which one can record, play, edit and display audio files.

10/27/06: Additional operating modes for GSM PCI card

We now extend the driver for the GSM PCI card of company coM.s.a.t. GmbH from Viernheim, which we had already developed before, by some important operating modes.

7/15/06: Colour quantity and purity on Canon PIXMA IP3000

Unusual modes of application require unusual measures, just like here in the case of a renowned food chemistry institute in Stuttgart: In order to maximize the amount of colour per unit of square measure, and to avoid intermixing of different colour inks at the same time, we manipulate the Canon Escape Code of the manufacturer's driver even before it gets to the printer.

5/8/06: Secabo USB problem solved

When exceeding a certain data throughput, the USB connection to the vinyl cutters of our customer NEPATA GmbH's brand secabo caused a buffer overrun.

We could now solve this problem by sending the correct I/O Control Codes to the USB driver and by adjusting the data flow in addition to that.

4/19/06: coM.s.a.t. orders driver for GSM PCI card

On behalf of communication system expert coM.s.a.t. GmbH from Viernheim, Germany, we are developing a driver for a GSM PCI card facilitating mobile telephone calls into and from within corporate networks.

3/27/06: Driver extension for Hyundai HDP-920

Especially when it is about older models, some manufacturers of printer devices do provide a driver for the obsolete operating systems Windows 9x and ME, but none - or just one with limited functionality - for today's current operating systems Windows XP and 2000.

In some cases it can be worth-while even for private customers to have the functionality of such a restricted XP/2000 driver extended, for example around certain print formats. Now Hyundai's HDP-920 exactly was a case like this.

3/17/06: Began driver development for SummaSign T610

Under Windows XP and 2000, Belgian enterprise Summa, one of Europe's largest manufacturers of cutting plotters, for some of its older models like tangential plotter SummaSign T610, so far could not provide a full-function substitute for its old 9x/ME driver.

DriverLab has now begun to fill this gap by developing such a driver for Windows XP / 2000.

2/13/06: Started collaboration with KOMDRUCK

KOMDRUCK Group, headquartered in Heppenheim, Germany, has specialized in manufacturing and sale of customized printer solutions for government offices, banks and industry. It serves customers worldwide, amongst them also the Bundesdruckerei, germany's state authority printery.

KOMDRUCK as manufacturer of printer devices, and DriverLab, the printer driver specialist, are now looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.

1/18/06: "B-Logic" plus PDF dispatch by eMail

It has gotten around - especially Office and Business Software is easily extensible with PostScope AutoConvert: The users of Business Software "B-Logic" by Romanian manufacturer IntelliSense from now on send their invoices comfortably directly from within the application as PDF eMail.

12/23/05: Borrello Centro Servizi places order for "iPlott"

Italian service center Borrello Centro Servizi S.r.l. in Rome places the order to DriverLab to develop a PostScript printer driver for the Online Printery "iPlott".

In this project we collaborate closely with italian Telecommunication Software Enterprise beeweeb Technologies, amongst others serving such reputated clients like Telecom Italia and Vodafone,

11/16/05: PostScope appreciated also in the Baltic

Estonian software distributor Skulski Enterprises Eesti orders a larger number of licences for our PostScope PDF Dispatch Engine.

10/1/05: EXTIF pro in grafipress catalogue

grafipress, the specialist dealer for media designers in germany, released its new catalogue for 2005/2006 today. Please find EXTIF pro on page 66 therein.

8/19/05: PrinTif 9x released

Under name PrinTif 9x we present a printer driver for Windows 95, 98 and ME, which turns documents from all PC programs into image files, in this way applying for becoming an undeniable tool in Desktop Publishing and Document Management.

7/11/05: Vinyl cutter driver marketable

NEPATA GmbH brings our driver for secabo vinyl cutters to the market. So far, these devices could be controlled from within makeshilft application "ArtCut 2002" only - without driver - because even the chinese manufacturer itself did not manage to offer a driver, which corrects the offset of the drag knife.

From now on, these devices can comfortably be driven from CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator oder Macromedia Freehand.

5/30/05: c't Magazin reviews Docula

c't Magazin, one of Europe's largest and best reputated computer magazines, reviews our office solution Docula in issue 12/2005. (see Press Review).

5/2/05: Computer Hoy reviews EXTIF pro

Spain's largest computer magazine Computer Hoy reviews our colour separation tool EXTIF pro in issue "CD Práctico 12" along with a trial version on its magazine CD.

Résumé: "En definitiva, la calidad de sus impresiones mejorará." ("Definitely the quality of your printouts will improve.") (see Press Review).

4/18/05: Started development of vinyl cutter driver

On behalf of NEPATA GmbH we started to develop a driver for secabo vinyl cutters, which automatically corrects the offset of the drag knife.

3/31/05: PostScope PDF Dispatch Engine AutoConvert released

With PostScope AutoConvert we present a tool, which converts documents into PDF automatedly, that means without a human being having to open the document and to trigger the print process.

Basic knowledge in programming is already sufficient to control and operate PostScope AutoConvert.

2/25/05: Actus Notarissen switches to PostScope PDF Dispatch Engine

The whole notary's office of Actus Notarissen in Netherlands accelerates its office communication with our PostScope PDF Dispatch Engine.

2/21/05: Doc2Fax API extended for Windows 95, 98 and ME

Our programming interface Doc2Fax API now also contains a driver for the so-called 9x-operating-systems Windows 95, 98 and ME.

2/1/05: Distribution contract signed with asknet

asknet, one of the world´s leading enterprises in Electronic Software Distribution and Delivery, will amplify our marketing activities in future.

1/26/05: Ashtead Singapore switches to PostScope PDF Dispatch Engine

The whole branch office of Ashtead Technology Rentals in Singapore accelerates its office communication with our PostScope PDF Dispatch Engine.

1/21/05: Doc2Fax API released

Under name Doc2Fax API we present a programming interface for Fax Applications, with which we address to programmers, who want to develop their own Fax Software quickly and easily without having to uncover the secrets of device driver programming before.

12/10/04: Spanish versions of EXTIF pro and PostScope PDF Dispatch Engine released

EXTIF pro as well as PostScope PDF Dispatch Engine at this point are not only available in german and english language, but also in Spanish.

11/3/04: Docula with interface for data import now

Since beginning of November our all-in-one Office Software Docula (unfortunately currently available in German language only) offers an important new feature: data import and export from - or to, respectively - outside of Docula, so that "transit passengers" can now easily import their former customer header data into Docula via a standardized Excel data format, without typing their fingers to the bone.

10/28/04: EXTIF pro also in Spanish soon

In the context of our collaboration with spanish Software-wholesaler Softonic ( is one of the 10 most frequently visited Internet sites in Spain, even selling to Latin America) we are currently preparing the release of a spanish version of EXTIF pro. We are confident to present this version in December 2004.

10/10/04: EXTIF pro in grafipress catalogue

grafipress, the specialist dealer for media designers in germany, released its new catalogue for 2004/2005 today. Please find EXTIF pro on page 32 therein.