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A detailed illustrated ReadMe file in htm-format comes along with the demo version. But you can also read ReadMe.htm online.


Printer driver for SummaSign® plotters

Plotting directly from CorelDRAW™, Adobe Illustrator™ and Macromedia Freehand™

Plotter driver vs. Plot Software

Belgian enterprise Summa is one of the leading manufacturers of cutting plotters worldwide. Summa delivers its cutting plotters of series SummaCut® and SummaSign® Pro without accompanying driver, recommending to use its own Plot Software WinPlot™ instead. Of course such a Plot Software can not even remotely be an adequate substitute for advanced graphics applications like CorelDRAW™, Adobe Illustrator™ and Macromedia Freehand™, and many users complain about the circumstantial procedure of importing from CorelDRAW™ to WinPlot™, or of exporting into the opposite direction, respectively.

Our DriverLab driver for SummaSign cutting plotters fills this gap, allowing to plot directly from all vector graphics applications. In order to drive your SummaSign® plotter, please simply click “File” / “Print” from the main menu of your graphics application.

Driver features

  • permissible media length more than 10 meters

  • user-defined media size

  • after completion of the plot, the knife returns exactly to the starting point (allows additions and corrections afterwards)

  • plot speed adjustable on driver

  • automatically ignores colours and fillings

  • automatically chooses the optimal resolution for given media size and given graphics application (CorelDRAW, Illustrator, Freehand, and so on)

Demo version and full version

The demo version is ready to be downloaded at the bottom of this page. It differs from the full version in omitting a plot figure every now and then in order to devalue the output. With the full version on the other hand of course the plot is complete.

The demo version is adjusted – as an example – to the dimensions of SummaSign T610, that means of a tangential plotter of width 610 mm – we would of course be pleased to adapt the full version to the dimensions of your individual Summa device.

On purchase of the DriverLab driver for SummaSign plotters you obtain a registration key, which upgrades the demo version to full version without need to re-installing the software.


The registration key to full version costs 43,50 .

Operating system:

Printer drivers are no programs, but extensions of the operating system. The operating systems, which the DriverLab driver for SummaSign plotters extends, are Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. It does not work under any other operating system.


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Performance optimization

Please take a little time to take a look at chapters "Configuration and settings" and "Configurations in device's menu" in the Readme file. They contain important notes on performance optimization.