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PrinTif 9x

printer driver for Windows 9x operating systems

Back to the future

"Windows' 'Old Technology' is not dead, it just smells funny" - even nowadays Windows 95, 98 and ME are still alive and kicking. That´s why we present PrinTif 9x, a so-called Virtual Printer Driver for Windows 9x operating systems - which means:

When printing any arbitrary document on PrinTif 9x, the output is not going to be a printed sheet of paper, but an image file in TIFF format on your hard disk. In other words: PrinTif 9x provides a snapshot of the entire document at the resolution of your choice.

Features and purpose of use

PrinTif 9x is perfectly suitable for

  • Desktop Publishing

  • CAD

  • Document Management

  • and archival.

Its features:

  • creates image files in TIFF format from all Windows PC applications

  • optional Multipage TIFF or one TIFF per page

  • optional in colour or monochrome

  • freely selectable resolution (100 - 600 dpi)

  • numerous paper sizes up to A0 (84 cm x 118 cm = 33 inch x 47 inch)

  • loss-free compression by LZW algorithm

  • document name can be taken on into filename


A licence for PrinTif 9x costs 29,98 €.


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