3. Directions for Use


3.1. Simple managing: Easy printing with EXTIF pro


Provided that installation was successfully completed:


1.       Open any document (e.g. an .html or .xls file – for testing, it is recommended to choose a small file with only a few pages) with an application suitable for this type of action (Internet Explorer or Excel respectively), then


2.       Select “File” / “Print” in the menu bar




3.       Then, in “Print” window, select EXTIF pro from the list of printers. (If EXTIF pro does not appear among the available printers, it means that the installation was unsuccessful.)





4.       Click “OK” to start the printing process (with the default settings). In a few seconds, EXTIF pro will confirm the action by displaying a message which tells you that the printing process has started.







You can either close this message box by clicking “OK” however it will close automatically after the printing process is completed.