3.7. Acknowledged incompatibilities


         The attempt to open, from the print dialog in CorelDRAW 8, under Windows 2000, the Property Pages of any printer - thus not only those of EXTIF pro! - can lead under certain circumstances to incalculable, unusual behavior - from program abortion to displaying the property pages with Chinese characters.


         Generally, almost all processes in 32-bit-computers are subject to a restriction to 2 ^ 32 = 4,294,967,296 bytes = 4.2 GB. So, if you should impractically wish to print, in MS Word, an A4 page on 4800 dpi, with a side-filling embedded matrix graphic, MS Word will internally exceed this limit, so that EXTIF will receive only an empty, white page.


         If, under Windows XP, in the file name dialog you either create a new directory or rename an already existing one, these changes will be carried out, but yet become visible in the display only after updating it by means of the "F5 key. Windows 2000, however, updates the message display automatically.