3.5. Huge files


As already mentioned in chapters “Paper Format” and “Resolution or Print Quality”, high resolutions thus respectively large paper formats can lead to huge output files. In what concerns the uncompressed image files, EXTIF pro still takes care on its own that


·         there is sufficient free space on the selected storage medium available


·         and the general size restriction for image files of


2 ^ 32 Byte = 4.2 Gigabyte


is not exceeded.


However EXTIF pro cannot predict the future compression rate of compressed image files, so you have to ensure there is enough free space on the hard disk, and that the 4.2 gigabyte restriction will not be exceeded.




3.5.1. Duration of printing process


At high resolutions and / or with a large Paper Format, printing can occasionally take several hours.


In order to enable you to make an approximate estimation: On a computer with frequency of 1 GHz and a memory of 256 MB, printing an "A4 Extra Plus" format page at resolution 4800 dpi usually takes about 20 minutes; but at resolution 300 dpi, it only takes approx. 12 seconds.




3.5.2. Opening Huge files


If, after the completion of the printing process, you want the see the result using an image viewer program, i.e. to open the issued image file with the image viewer, you will notice that sometimes your computer's memory is not large enough for this action. Typical, partly misleading warnings of your image viewer could look like this:


·         "System running out of virtual memory“


·         "Image file header error“


·         "Bad or unrecognized image header“


·         "Unknown file format“


·         "File too large“.