3.4.1. Pixelation on certain fonts


Now if the graphics engine (GDI) of your operating system should be forced to treat characters, which usually represent vector graphic objects, as matrix graphic objects, because a certain font is improperly installed on this operating system, then Pixelation will occur.


The middle writing line in the following illustration shows this phenomenon very clearly:





If, on your computer, certain Fonts should show Pixelation effect, which occurs quite rarely, but nevertheless every now and then, this is not due to EXTIF pro printer driver, but to the interaction of Font and GDI, of which you can convince yourselves easily, by


·         either printing the same document on paper, using your "normal" (physical) printing device, and observe the same Pixelation effect in this process


·         or using another Font in the document, whereupon the Pixelation will no longer occur


·         or by printing the same document with EXTIF pro´s demo version on another computer, whereupon the Pixelation will no longer occur.