2.4.1. Network Shared Version


The Network Shared Version can be used on both one single work station (computer) and shared with other computers over a local network:


1.       To share over a Local Network select:


“Start” / “Settings” / “Printers”,





In order to open the “Printers” window, then right-click on the EXTIF pro icon and select “Sharing...” from the context menu:





2.       Consequently, tab control Sharing...” will open. Select "Shared as” and insert a share name for EXTIF pro.





3.       You can now access and print with EXTIF pro from other computers over the local network.


Please note:

Printing with the Network Shared Version is subject to some restrictions, which cause the relatively low price in comparison to several Single User Versions.


In the following part, we will call the computer on which EXTIF pro is installed, the “EXTIF-Server”, and the other computers that access it via the network the “EXTIF-Clients”:


·         When you order a print job from one of the EXTIF-Clients on the EXTIF-Server, EXTIF pro’s message boxes and file name dialog will not appear on your computer screen but on the EXTIF-Server’s screen. This can be quite an interruption for the person using the EXTIF-Server, who is most probably working at something totally different.


·         In order to avoid the appearing of the file name dialogs on the EXTIF-Server screen, which would force the person working there, to type in a file name on your behalf, we strongly recommend selecting use default name”. In this case, you must be aware that it is not the Default path displayed on the Property Pages of the EXTIF-Client, which will be used, but the one displayed on the Property pages of the EXTIF-Server.


·         The EXTIF-Clients should not refer to the hard drive of the EXTIF-Server through drive letters, but only through “My Network Places”.