2.3. Demo version


The EXTIF pro demo version differs from the full version in the fact that the provided image files are marked with a “Demo Version” imprint in order to devalue them.




At the initialization of every print process, the demo version will enquire whether you want to install the full version.




Occasionally, this window appears minimized in the task bar:





In such situations, you must click on the “EXTIF pro” icon on the task bar, and select “Yes” or “No”, as EXTIF pro will not commence the printing process without a command (Yes or No).


If you want to install the Full Version later, simply click “No” – the driver will still work but with the “Demo Version” imprint, and only until the 30-days trial period expires.


Clicking “Yes” on the other hand will open the “EXTIF pro registration" window that you are already familiar with from the installation.