1. Introduction: Presentation of EXTIF pro


All of you are familiar with the following problem: You want to prepare a document from any PC-application like MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint for printing. But how to convert the graphic information from the original document into color-separated, exposure-ready image files?


From your everyday experience you may know that the most conventional way via Portable Document Format (PDF) has been paved, so far with many inconsistencies regarding font, color fidelity and contrast of embedded matrix graphics objects; very often, the end-result, the printed version, clearly differs from the original document in color, font and contrast.


The new EXTIF pro relieves you from these burdens. EXTIF pro is a Virtual Printer Driver for Windows 2000 and Windows XP, which stores the graphical data of the document supposed to be printed rastered as file in TIFF format in either RGB color space (Red Green Blue) or in CMYK color space (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black) - in other words, EXTIF pro is a Software-RIP (Raster Image Processor).


In this way, you will easily obtain color-separated, exposure-ready image data from all your PC-applications, the result being a perfect reflection of the original.