1.4.4. Fonts and True Types


When a document is being rastered, all the fonts used in it have got to either already exist in the rastering device or to have been previously embedded in the document.


Theoretically, this is supposed to be an easily achieved condition – but in the practice it usually comes to time-consuming and incalculable difficulties, especially when the PDF document to be printed is created, for instance, by the Prepress service, but the RIP is actually located elsewhere, i.e. at the printing office.


As Software-RIP, EXTIF pro cancels this spatial separation between creation of documents and rastering. Now you can create the original document on the same computer, on which you raster it. In any case, this fact guarantees that all the fonts used in the document are completely present when rastering. Again: What you see on your computer screen (e.g. in PowerPoint window) during the creation of the document is exactly what you will get as end result, if you use EXTIF pro (WYSIWYG).


For EXTIF pro, there are no “problem fonts”, no matter how exotic these might be. Here, for instance, a Bulgarian Cyrillic font:





Chinese font printed on EXTIF pro: