1.4.1. Where PDLs fail in principle


In principle some documents can not be correctly converted into PostScript, for instance MS Word documents containing WordArt objects (for an example please click on the following link, www.DriverLab.de/EXTIFpro/TestDocums/WordArt.doc.):






Correct printing result with EXTIF pro: not transparent in the overlaid areas, just as in the original document.



Incorrect result in PDF (created by the most famous PDF converter on the usual indirect way via PostScript): transparent overlay area; two overlaid opaque areas resulting in erroneous transparency.



Another example:


Printing from within Adobe Acrobat in principle is restricted to 2^14=16384 Pixels, along vertical as well as horizontal coordinates, meaning that, for an A2-sized document with a resolution of only 900 dpi, some areas at the right hand side and at the bottom of the page remain erroneously unprinted.


This error does not appear when printing the same PDF document from within GhostView. Nevertheless, GhostView does not provide color separation, turning the situation into a perfect dilemma.